PePoWriMo – Attempted Comeback from NaPoWriMo Fail

My explanation on Youtube for why I never got passed April 11th for this year’s Poem-a-Day (NaPoWriMo) challenge for National Poetry Month. Ah well, my mom had a saying for when I didn’t eat everything on my plate. She said my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Ah well, at least the grades were good this semester! The above vid also features me reading from day nine of April, so you can scroll down for the text.

Thanks for reading/listening, and have a great May Day!

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  1. intelliwench says:

    Hi, David!! I’m happy to read you again — awesome to hear that you are back in school, too! I’ll continue to visit regularly, for more inspiration & smiles. My own writing muscles have gotten awfully flabby over the last year or so . . . but I’ll get ’em back in shape one of these days.

    Be well & have a great summer!


  2. sonofwalt says:

    Hello! How have you been? It’s been a long time since Journalspace. I’ll have to catch up with your shenanigans over on blogspot! 🙂 We can “workout” those writing muscles together.


  3. vincent says:

    Ahhhhhh….Journalspace….I still can’t believe how much stuff was lost…and friends too..x


  4. Outlook says:

    ill definatelybe bookmarking this page.


  5. sonofwalt says:

    Thank you, Outlook!


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