The News Room on Voter Suppression, and Sam Seder on Mike Turzai’s Confessional Blunder

UPDATE: I would like to add this link to Bill Moyers’ show about the resurrection of Ralph Reed, former leader of the Christian Coalition, and his crooked path of blending big money, religion and politics. These are the kind of crooked people we are really up against, not your conservative neighbor who has been duped into working so hard, and resenting the poor, as lazy, believing the myth that the wealth will trickle down if they just work hard enough.

As for this clip from “The Newsroom,” yes, it’s fiction, but now that I’ve seen it I’d say that this is a show that I’d like to watch. I am not sure if the statistics quoted are correct, but they are worth looking up, because 86 is actually more than I had heard of being reported. I’ll double check that, but hey, the quotes and commentary. . . worth considering.

In addition, here is a little nonfiction on the topic, some proof from the Pennsylvania House Majority Leader about why voter ID laws were enacted in Pennsylvania, to “allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania:” in his own words, with some very brief commentary by Sam Seder. What more do I need to say? The head of Pennsylvania’s House Republicans has already confessed it.


I don’t normally post things like this here, but I believe it’s well worth watching.

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6 Replies to “The News Room on Voter Suppression, and Sam Seder on Mike Turzai’s Confessional Blunder”

  1. that’s hard hitting stuff seems like your country is spiraling out of control and I say that with no disrespect, a lot of the ideas coming over in snippets on FB page seem like madness rather than sound governable policy’s


  2. 86 is more than I’ve heard reported, too. But the point is, it’s statistically insignificant. Whereas the number of people who will be deterred from voting as a result of these new laws is not.


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