Life on the Ground, Music Monday with Mary

English: Flying bird at sunrise. Français : Oi...
English: Flying bird at sunrise. Français : Oiseau volant au lever de soleil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve had a lot of music here on the blog lately, but it doesn’t seem you mind, so here we go again. I have had this song is in my head lately, what with all the crazy and exciting things happening, like my freelance editing career getting off the ground–more about that soon. And of course, that’s the sort of thing that you want off the ground, right? I mean, as much as we spout platitudes about having our feet firmly planted, and building on a solid foundation, often what we really need to do is what we are made to do–fly!

And as terrifying as that can be–just ask our friend Icarus, about whom we’ve spoken recently, both here and here–it can also be exhilarating, especially when you haven’t got all the landing mechanisms figured out just yet. I like to have a plan, yet an attitude of flexibility, adjusting to the winds as they arise. But sometimes there is no plan, no wind, or worse–strong winds that force you into the air before you think you’re ready.

I know, I know, this is all terribly nebulous, but I can’t say more just yet. Perhaps next week my life will be very much the way it is now, except it can’t be. Some changes are being forced, and whether the result is minor adjustment or major relocation, well, that just isn’t clear yet. But hey, what do you expect in the life of creatures of the wind, animals of the air, like you and me?

And as much as I like security and regularity, something expected and planned, a warm nest at day’s end, sometimes we have to dive into the updraft and see what happens. That’s what it’s like up here. After all, “life on the ground, is life on the ground.”

Today’s tune is called “Next Year’s Ghost” from one of my spiritual heroes, the marvelously talented, and magnificently plumed, Mary Cigarettes. It aptly describes my mood this Monday.

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  1. slpmartin says:

    Hoping all goes well with the changes that seem to be taking place there…be well my friend.

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  2. oh blimey… that’s me and you up there ….. wave to the planets and stars, david

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