Libby Copa, Spring•Summer 2017

The image is one from my many stream hikes, that despite my complaining knee, I am trying to make time for.

But the poem, ah, I would love it if you take time to follow the link to Word Fountain and read “Silver Skin” by Libby Copa, Spring•Summer 2017

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  1. Brian Dean Powers says:

    I like that photo. And it enhances the poem nicely.

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    1. Thank you, Brian! I made sure that Libby approved before I posted it.

      Which reminds me! I did not forget about recording one of your poems, as you kindly gave me permission to do. It’s just I thought it seemed too boastful of me to have the first share from this issue include my own voice. I want to avoid the very appearance of using the magazine to showcase my own work. I prefer to do that elsewhere and on WF just be a very involved editor.

      I will do the recording eventually and use it to promote the magazine and highlight your gorgeous poems again.

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    2. Brian Dean Powers says:

      I look forward to hearing it, David.

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