Moons, Roads, and Rivers

Cover photo by Michael B. McFarland


Moons, Roads, and Rivers, my first chapbook, is about to be released from Finishing Line Press. Click here to order your copy!

The printer is running a few weeks behind, but it looks like any pre-orders should arrive by Christmas or the New Year at the latest.

Moons, Roads, and Rivers is a small collection of poems set along highways and side roads from Pennsylvania to Indiana, from backyards and bar stools to graveyards and broken-down cars.

Find out what my dad has in common with Hoover Dam. Discover my favorite graffiti and why my neighbors shake their heads. Some poems were previously published in places like San Pedro River Review, The Blue Hour Magazine, and Contemporary American Voices.

Excerpts from the Jacket:

With images wrought in highly perceptive verse, David J. Bauman’s poems speak eloquently of what we love, and what prevails over the artificial and transient . . . Such poignant natural details, personal and reflective, “slowly / raise the relics to light,” recalling the land and riverscapes of James Wright. The poems of Moons, Roads, and Rivers embrace and take solace in what blesses our lives, generously offering a luminous, enduring work.
Jeffrey Alfier, editor of Blue Horse Press and San Pedro River Review

David J. Bauman threads dynamic energy throughout Moons, Roads and Rivers, which leads the reader to palpable angst and longing . . . movement between floating and sinking as you travel the circuitous curves of his journey . . .
Dawn Leas, author of I Know When to Keep Quiet and Take Something When You Go

David J. Bauman‘s debut chapbook, Moon, Roads, and Rivers, is a celebration of  everyday elements that we often take for granted . . . Bauman’s lines and rhythms are precise and fine-tuned . . . At the heart of the book, the poet celebrates humanity, despite our flaws, and acknowledges that we are at our best when we are attuned and respectful to the greater world around us.
Brian Fanelli, author of Waiting for the Dead to Speak (NYQ Books)

Read the complete blurbs at Finishing Line Press when you Moons, Roads, and Rivers by clicking right here.

27 Replies to “Moons, Roads, and Rivers”

  1. Hehe, yes, it took me a second but I figured out that’s what you meant. Look back at what your phone actually typed. It made me smile. Just not as big as it made me smile when you said you are going to pre-order. 😀


  2. I haven’t seen that yet, but then this is the first actual book contract I’ve signed. This publisher does not require it, but they do strongly encourage it, along with promoting via social media and emails. They do help some with promotion, including announcement mailings to addresses that I’ve provided.

    As with many, places, you need to at least be able to get a minimum number sold during the presale time in order to publish. The number is low, in this case. I’m shooting for a higher number in order to receive more free copies to sell myself at readings later. From what I’ve seen, if you were to win a contest for chapbook publication, there is no minimum sale threshold for them to publish the winner, but there are often times when you are asked to participate in release and readings. With FLP, that release party and subsequent readings are up to me.


    1. Yeah I also had good one is some kind of manner, I learned very good lessons this year
      1) people change like weather
      2) don’t depend on someone else for your happiness
      3)don’t judge someone through face
      And these lessons made my year good

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