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Yes, I took this photo.  A one-word poem on a tree.

I’ve been so busy working with Word Fountain, the fantastic little literary magazine that my employers enable me to edit (along with three super-cool coworkers who are editors and artists for the mag.) that I forgot to post about the excellent lit mag Barely South Review where my poem “Advent” was recently published in their spring issue!

Check them out. Check out the rest of the issue, and do all that stuff like “liking” and following on social media. All that sort of support is helpful, especially now as we fight the forces who would defund the arts.

I’ll also have a poem upcoming in 2 Bridges review‘s spring issue. And since they are only about two hours to my east, I’m heading to NYC to read with them at the KGB Bar in Manhattan on March 7th for the launch. If you are in the city, I’d love to see you there!

Also, earlier that week, on the 5th, I’ll have the honor of again being the featured poet at the Priestley Chapel‘s First Sunday secular service of music and the spoken word. My friend Steve Olofson will be providing the music. For those of you living among the Amish badlands of Central Pennsylvania, the event gets underway at 9:30 am and last only about 45 minutes.  Oh, and we’re always hoping to find friends who will join us for brunch afterward.

Speaking of Word Fountain, as I did at the top of this page, I want to encourage you to send us your good words. We are open for submissions (poetry, very short fiction, flash fiction, prose poetry, and the like) until March 31st for our spring-summer, 2017 issue. Details and guidelines here.

And finally, you may remember my mentioning that I had three chapbooks in the works. I’m still editing and re-working the other two (more coming soon about how you might be able to help me find a publisher for them) while Finishing Line Press has accepted the third for publication, which will happen sometime later this year. Look for more information upcoming on my little collection of 18 poems, entitled Moons, Roads, and Rivers, coming soon to a pre-order sale near you.

For those with short attention spans, breaking it down:
  1. Advent” published in Barely South Review
  2. “Wednesday, Want, and Worship” upcoming in 2 Bridges Review
  3. Readings upcoming in Northumberland, PA and NYC on March 5th and 7th
  4. New American Press Reading series continues in April in Wilkes-Barre (just figured I’d slip that one in now–more details forthcoming soon)
  5. Call for submissions for Word Fountain’s spring-summer issue
  6. Chapbook forthcoming from FLP later this year!

So, there ya go.  And to further dispel any misconceptions that I’ve been a lazy luke lately, I’m off to finish my laundry. Have a great weekend!

Marjorie Maddox, Winter 2017

Featured Image -- 9978I recently mentioned having ordered the new chapbook by Marjorie Maddox, Wives’ Tales (Seven Kitchens Press) and I am now enjoying her, sometimes dark, take on old stories legends. For a lighter twist on some characters from history and literature, check out Marjorie’s clerihews in Word Fountain’s Winter issue.

The magazine will be opening for submissions sooner than usual as we’ll be switching from a summer and winter schedule to spring-summer and fall-winter issues. The new submission window will be from February 24th through March 31st!

Word Fountain

Two Sets of Clerihews by Marjorie Maddox

Literary Clerihews
Marjorie Maddox

has an ear
for lovely sonnets.
He must know phonics!

* * *

Edgar Allan Poe
loves to scare us so
with thumping hearts beneath the floor
and ravens squawking, “Nevermore.”

* * *

Peter Pan
won’t ever be a man.
It’s too much fun to stay

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Sharlene Gilman, Winter 2017

I have loved this poem for some time as I’ve had the joy of hearing progressive versions of it at various poetry readings across central PA over the last couple of years. Thank you, Sharlene, for sending this rich and wonderful piece to us and allowing us to publish it in Word Fountain!

Be sure to Follow the links to the Winter, 2017 page to get the current print issue with this poem shipped to you!

Bus Ride (Little Americas: Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, California)
Sharlene Gilman

TV, Guns, and Pawn is a square bunker building in Rawlins
boasting big black letters: “Your mom was Pro-Life—
Thank her! . . . Read more in “Sharlene Gilman, Winter 2017”

New release: Wives’ Tales by Marjorie Maddox

I just ordered my copy of Marjorie Maddox’s new chapbook! I still have yet to publish the review of her full collection, True, False, or None of the Above, which came out this past spring. Look for some fun little clerihews of hers in the new edition of Word Fountain as well!

Today marks the release of the newest title in our Editor’s Series: Wives’ Tales by Marjorie Maddox. Get your copy here!

Source: New release: Wives’ Tales by Marjorie Maddox