Kindness, Bullying and Loss

I have been quiet on the blog this week (though there is much to update), and on Facebook, reduced to just hitting the “like” button. A few years ago, in the early days of dating Brian, he introduced me to one of his very best friends. And so I got to know one of the…

a god that small

I promised to write about this topic in the journal today, but I am pressed hard on a first draft deadline for a paper on Tennyson, so, here is a link for you to look at as a reminder that not every Christian has abandoned the intellect God gave him.  And here are my words…

From the Friendly Atheist:

When you have to go through life being told you don’t deserve the same rights everyone else has, that you’re somehow broken, that the only thing that will “save” you is a life devoid of physical intimacy and a dose of Jesus, that the feelings you’ve always had for certain people of the same sex are corrupt and in need of a cure… of course you’re going to be more depressed than the rest of the population. Of course you’re going to be more likely to commit suicide.

Conservative Christians love to argue that homosexuality is just one of many sins and they’re all equal. But how often do you hear pastors talking about envy, gluttony, and the lottery? They single out homosexuality as something far worse than everything else.

Then they put their fingers in their ears and deny they they have anything to do with gay teens committing suicide.

I know they’re not directly encouraging the suicides. But they are promoting a false idea that heterosexuality is right and homosexuality is wrong.

They don’t call that bullying.