Chapel Reading and Old PUP Friends

No, “old PUP friends” does not refer to some sort of senior citizen’s collar-and-leash fetish society. It’s a reference to a poetry reading series I used to attend in Lewisburg, PA at Faustina’s Art Gallery. Poetry Under the Paintings is the name of the group, and it perfectly describes what they do. They still gather every…

Library, Chapel, Pub: Three Readings

Just to update you about some recent additions and edits to my Events page, here’s the rundown of what I’m up to the next thirty days: Thursday, May 31:

Crossroad Song, a Quiet Interlude

This is a very simple, straightforward poem in memory of my dear old friend Dennis. He was a mentor of mine during a very difficult time over a decade ago. His example of integrity and compassion was of inestimable value to me. This reading was recorded at Northumberland’s Priestly Chapel on July 1st of this year….