Please Say You Hate Me

A Saturday Song, with Nataly Dawn I don’t know why I have not shared this song with you before. It’s probably my favorite by Nataly. She’s been doing some gorgeous work, both on her own and with her hubby Jack, co-creator of Patreon and the other half of the fun and innovative group called Pomplamoose….

Of My Mother, and of Life, Thirty Years Later

It’s Mother’s Day, and a young poet friend has been three days without his mother. She died suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep. What can one say, except, “Friend, you are not alone?” I’m thankful that he has many friends and family to look out for him. Eventually, it is my hope, he will feel…

Tuesday Tune Unbelievers

It’s not that I don’t believe in Tuesday Tunes, but since I already feature Monday Music and Saturday Songs, I usually leave the Tuesday Tunes to my son, the Monkey. But I kinda needed a song to bring the mood up a bit here on this blog and I missed Monday, so now I’m cheating….

David Reads “God on a Tightrope,” by Marjorie Maddox

Well, Easter has passed, and once again I realize that aside from the discussion of certain issues and how they are affected by politics and religion, I rarely ever talk about my own faith or spirituality here on the Dad Poet blog. While I have dedicated multiple posts to feasts, celebrations and songs of Christmas, I don’t…

Colin and the Pale Blue Dot

In the last post the question of my faith came up.  I’ve talked in posts way back here on the blog about the Bible and Homosexuality. Biblical symbolism sometimes wanders into my poems. Hey, it’s in my background and upbringing. It’s part of my story. Still, I have been reluctant to discuss much religion here…