Tuesday Tune Unbelievers

It’s not that I don’t believe in Tuesday Tunes, but since I already feature Monday Music and Saturday Songs, I usually leave the Tuesday Tunes to my son, the Monkey. But I kinda needed a song to bring the mood up a bit here on this blog and I missed Monday, so now I’m cheating….

Friday Love Poem

Proud Papa Moment #7642: The Monkey is reading poems out loud again. He read for us at the launch party for Word Fountain’s winter issue and he read as one of the only two readers to participate in the open mic portion of a local coffee shop’s guest poet visit in his hometown of Lock…

Red Herrings About Read Herrings

Call me biased, but even if I did not know where this young man’s genetics came from, I would, as I do, find this utterly fascinating and invigorating. Such thoughts I find flat out exciting.

Blog Dude, Bloopers and Spaghetti

So recently Micah and I were looking at some of the blooper reel out takes from my National Poetry Month videos, and I thought it would be fun to post for you the blooper from my reading of Stevie Smith’s poem, “Our Bog is Dood.” The poem is so surreal, and yet so real, and…

The Time for Thanks Has Passed

So how was your Thanksgiving? Even my friends in Northern Ireland took time for a feast of thanks on Thursday! Ours was delightful, but Rachel Ray’s Manchego Cheese in Smashed Potaoes recipe needs butter in it (just in case you ever try it. Otherwise it was great), and in the future I’m going back to…