What Comes After Sweet 16?

And no, there is no punch line here. I just wanted to send out a very happy birthday to my youngest boy, The Monkey Prodigy. Today he turns 17. I am really not sure how that happened. I think he was no older than nine just yesterday. And now he’s getting into jazz he says. Very cool….

Vader, Monkey, Sting and a Fresh Start

Happy first day of 2013 to you!  I already covered my new year post last time, but while looking at my stats the other day I found something from four years ago that gave me the giggles, and I wanted to share it with you on the dawn of this new year. In the blogging…

Monkeys and Fortune Cookies

Several of you seemed to enjoy the fortune cookie poem yesterday, thank you, and so I dug deeper for an old poem I hadn’t read in a while. Everyone loves to add the words “in bed” to the end of their fortunes, but when my youngest was quite little we had a game of making…

Red Herrings About Read Herrings

Call me biased, but even if I did not know where this young man’s genetics came from, I would, as I do, find this utterly fascinating and invigorating. Such thoughts I find flat out exciting.