Happy Poetry Month

“Exactly what this country needs . . . we are what we believe.” For the first day of National Poetry Month in the US (Cue comments from friends who write essays about why we don’t need poetry month hoopla. As the kids say, “Whatever.”) Here is a Saturday SongHere is a Saturday Song, well-chosen by…

Music time

Originally posted on The Monkey Prodigy:
The Monkey has been sharing songs by a new favorite artist. I like her too, and I have good reason to reblog this as a Saturday Song. This week my car was in the garage and the boss had me drive his up to the branch library on Tuesday. This pop song came on the…

Red Herrings About Read Herrings

Call me biased, but even if I did not know where this young man’s genetics came from, I would, as I do, find this utterly fascinating and invigorating. Such thoughts I find flat out exciting.