Saturday Song, Little Changes with Frank Turner

Honestly, I have adored my share of little dancer boys, but I’ll take Frank Turner. We’ll, if he’ll have me. I love his new album, and I just watched this new video. Now I can’t stop smiling. Favorite moments: “We waste our energy getting angry instead of being kinder . . . . . ….

Saturday Song with The Lumineers, “Dead Sea”

It’s Saturday, and I’ve had a long, long day and just a little sleep. So now with a glass of wine in hand I bring you the song I am unwinding to right now. The last couple of years I’ve really gotten into bands with a lot of instruments, and a decidedly folk-rock feel–Devotchka, Beruit,…

Teen Quote of the Week

Jonathan: “I can’t sing or play the guitar well at all, so I think I’m going to start my own punk rock band.”