From the august trees

Originally posted on some little crum creek:
. Some parts of our nature we might never see. But under a rising moon, out from a waning season, an imploring eastern screech owl sounds — savor the mystery. .

David Reads “Screech Owl,” by Ted Kooser

I know it sounded strange to some of you when I said in my last post that it had been a long weekend, and I was ready for a break. But my true “weekend” doesn’t generally happen until Sunday or, as in the case of this present week, Monday. And boy, do I need it….

Bonus Track, and a Few Words from Naomi Shihab Nye

Finally the long weekend is over. I’m getting prepared to record a poem for this Sunday, day 13 of Poetry Month, but while I get that ready, I wanted to share a few more words from a poet I wish I had been reading more of over the years. Naomi Shihab Nye is officially a…