Library, Chapel, Pub: Three Readings

Just to update you about some recent additions and edits to my Events page, here’s the rundown of what I’m up to the next thirty days: Thursday, May 31:

Libby Copa, Spring•Summer 2017

The image is one from my many stream hikes, that despite my complaining knee, I am trying to make time for. But the poem, ah, I would love it if you take time to follow the link to Word Fountain and read “Silver Skin” by Libby Copa, Spring•Summer 2017

Brian Dean Powers, Spring•Summer 2017

Be sure to follow the links to get a print copy with the gorgeous cover design (The Bees!) by Erin Mazzoni. We’ll also be including some bonus audio/visual content in the online version again this time. Here’s the first sample from Brian Dean Powers, including his poem “Van Gogh’s Bedroom.” Source: Brian Dean Powers, Spring•Summer…

Issue #13, Spring • Summer 2017

To have the latest issue of Word Fountain, the Literary Magazine of the Osterhout Library shipped to you (within the continental US only), please visit our library’s donation page and make a suggested donation of at least five dollars. Be sure you mention in the notes that you are requesting a copy of the latest issue of Word…