Better Than Red Bull

Ever look up and see one of these overhead?

From Eagles of Summer 2008

We’ve been seeing these all summer. Adults and Juveniles, at least two if not three different juvies from different years by their plummage. We have been told there is a nest near us, maybe two. We keep searching the river and haven’t found any.

Seeing such sights overhead (at least one per week it seems, sometimes two per day, not to mention the osprey, the great blue herons, the egrets, wood ducks… god, I love the river), truly gives wings to the soul. It’s indescribably poetic. Here’s a close up…

From Eagles of Summer 2008

And one of the juvies:

From Eagles of Summer 2008
From Eagles of Summer 2008

This juvenile is definitely younger than one of the other we saw that had much more white streaking, particularly on the tail, as well as a very yellowish beak like their adult counterparts.

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