PA Broad Wing Flight

Good Lord, I’m getting behind on the Bird Report already! It’s been one week and  a day since my Broad Wing watch on the ridge. I was watching the front move through the day before and checking the chances for a good wind.  I chose Thursday the 18th over Wednesday (my two days off last week) and I made the right choice, considering the Broad Wing count on Wednesday was only 35. Here’s Stone Mountain’s count from last Thursday.  471for raptors, and 445 for Broad Wings. The day after was back down to about 40 for the day and the count never rebounded past fifty after that it seems.

And hey, it looks like I was at least added to the official count as a visitor! It was seven years ago I think that I actually held the clip board myself on a Golden Eagle count. Only three of us on the ridge that day, in the cold first winds of November and watching the snow squalls start up on Tussey ridge and blow across the valley toward us. Maybe I’ll do that again this year. Now where’s that wool coat…

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  1. Vincent says:

    Another space for you on the internet!!!!!! 😉 Nice banner pic at the top by the way. I can say I have seen Eagles, everytime we have been across to your side of the pond. As for the publishing thing and your poems, a friend over here did the self publishing thang and Amazon have it in their listings….now there is a thought eh? I would so treasure a book or CD or your ‘stuff’, it is remarkable, beautiful, poignant, funny, touching, insightful, evocative….I love it.xx Love the idea of a You-tube reading lol…cool.


  2. sonofwalt says:

    Ah, I wondered how long it would take for you to follow the path of bread crumbs I left for you. Well, the idea behind this place is that it will replace my JS blog (and put to rest the two extra JS blogs that I don’t really use anyway). Once I get everything set here the way I want it, I will just leave Notes From the Dirty Orange Book. I won’t delete it. That way any old JS friends will be able to follow the links here.

    This then can be the hub from which I go forth to GF, it’s blog and The Poetry Workshop (I wonder if I have html enabled in comments… see, a lot of construction still going on; you know how picky I am about this stuff). This is supposed to focus me and keep me from spending too much time surfing blogs on JS when I should be writing.

    And JS has just been too fraught with technical difficulty, loss of feature functionality, increased downtime. And it just wasn’t so fun anymore. I know that Westy and others have said there is less community here than there is there, and that may be true. WordPress is bigger and has a bigger audience. Less chance of that big fish in a small pond feeling here, but I also have the chance to interact with MORE poets and birders here. And who knows, maybe we can find a few more dads to introduce to

    I’m not entirely against the self-publishing thing, but it would be nice to have the honor of someone else wanting to publish my stuff. And I’ll work on the youtube readings eventually, I promise.

    The banner of course you recognize your own view from the Killynether Wood. I hope to rotate banners from time to time. Something with the kids, something with the birds… just to keep the blog scenery interesting. I have a photo your David took of a falcon along the cliffs and I hope to put that up too sometime. I need to look up exactly what you boys call that bird.

    Love you! Glad you came!


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