Hair Cut Day, Part One

I’ve been writing mostly about raptors in my first posts on this new blog, so I thought I’d pull a couple of recent posts over from the old “Notes from the Dirty Orange Book,” the blog I am more or less leaving behind on Journalspace. While I’ll keep that open as a sort of portal (Word edited for spelling; thanks cowboy. Apparently Firefox’s spell checker did not recognize “porthole” as a misspelling either. I kind of liked it though, since with all the unscheduled maintenance and such, JS has become a bit of a hole in its own right), and to a few old friends there, I won’t really be writing there anymore, but a few posts like these I really don’t want to be lost.


I have no idea what possessed me to pull off the road and have my picture taken with this lion, but he was decked out in Penn State colors. I am sure the owners wondered who was messing with the statues at the bottom of their driveway before they watched me speed off.

From Hair cut day August 2008

Too much java maybe?


Jon would not let his mother take him to get his hair cut, so she trimmed his bangs anyhow. Well, this… um shall we say, needed a little fixing, so it was gay dad to the rescue. No kidding, when she asked why he wouldn’t let her take him to get his hair cut, but willing went with me he said, “I’m sorry, mom, but dad is gay, and there are a lot of gay hair dressers, so I figured dad would make sure my new hair cut looked cool.”

Sigh… so here we are making the decisions, trying to find just the right style…

From Hair cut day August 2008
From Hair cut day August 2008

More from that nutty day, coming up!

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  1. Cadlin Scott says:

    “Porthole”? Um, I should get you a dictionary. You know that book that’s a portals to the language.



  2. sonofwalt says:

    Ha! What you apparently don’t know is that the Polish Navy called them port holes because they were originally quite literally holes in the port side of the ship. Problem was they hadn’t the foresight to put any sort of glass or coverings at all over these under water windows and so the Polish ships always sunk before making it far from port.

    The newer spelling, portal was devised to dispel the confusion and prevent future tragedies. Now you know.

    Good, God! I do know better, Cad, but I am a sloppy spell checker. That’s why, love ’em or hate ’em, I need editors. Did you get my message on multiply, by the way? I now have the disk. Next to take the time to figure out how to use the program! Thanks, cowboy!


  3. sonofwalt says:

    * Edited for spelling and amended with overly long parenthetical commentary.


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