An Early Moon Poem

I have a poem on “The Poet” page that refers to this old piece. It’s not at all an example of my best work, but I thought I’d include it as a bit of history and as the missing piece to “Overvision.”

Moon Watcher

They chuckle
because once again
I have called them outside,
away from the deathly
cold light
of their television
to see the moon,
a burning globe of
blood above our street.

They nod politely.
They say, “It’s lovely,”
and thank me as before.
Then my neighbors turn,
shaking heads,
exchanging smiles,
back up the sidewalk
toward their home
and the lifeless
rays within.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Matt says:

    I guess some see less than others, as if they’ve almost trained themselves to not see as they once used to, prefering everything to be presented in widescreen box. A good slice of life in your words, and social commentary.


  2. poeticgrin says:

    I am so thankful you stumbled upon on my poetry blog, because it brought me to you. From my few brief clicks this morning, I can tell I will be visiting you often. This piece is beautiful in its simple truth… makes me want to enjoy the sky tonight. I imagine my neighbors would think it just as odd.

    I can’t wait to read more.



  3. sonofwalt says:

    Matt, and Bryan, thank you both for your comments. You two brought a smile to my face that the coffee couldn’t dredge up.

    I think that looking back I feared this poem would come off as preachy, when really I was going for wonder and a little sadness. Ironically, I think that “Overvision” which calls for not revising the old magic to death, is the better poem. But you make me glad I let the original be as it was. Thanks!


  4. catgem says:

    This is lovely.

    Like Bryan, I’m grateful that you find my poetry blog as it led me to yours.



  5. nectarfizz says:

    Love the moon muchly..thank you for the peek.


  6. sonofwalt says:

    Stephanie and Nectarfizz, thanks for the attention!


  7. htwilson says:

    Where did you post this before? I know I saw it … anyway, I know the feeling and share the sentiment. Thank you for feedback on my blog, and I love the picture of you with the boys … ain’t being a dad just the best? Makes you want to write poetry, don’t it. Keep doing what you do.


  8. sonofwalt says:

    I posted it twice I believe on Notes From the Dirty Orange Book, my old blog at Journalspace. Before that it was seen in a small university journal here in central Pennsylvania, Lock Haven University’s “The Crucible.”

    And yes, being a dad is the absolute best.


  9. Alethea Eason says:

    Ah! From one moon poem to another. Your blog is beautiful. Poetry coming ALIVE!


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Ah, thank you! Wow, that means a lot to me. 🙂


  10. Loved your moon poem. It makes perfect sense to me as I stand outside with my camera on my tripod waiting for the perfect shot of a crescent shape in the sky that people couldn’t care less about. 🙂


    1. sonofwalt says:

      I am glad you could relate. Thanks! 🙂


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