Hair Cut Day, Part 2 — Oops. I Mean Part 3!

From Hair cut day August 2008

At first it was friendly, but it soon became intense….

From Hair cut day August 2008

Had the Monkey’s camera phone maneuvers gone too far this time?

From Hair cut day August 2008

Even when Mad Dawg (I am confident that before I die, he will actually write at least one sentence in his blog) and I tried to show off our new doos to the adoring JS crowd, we found ourselves again upstaged in the rudest manner…

From Hair cut day August 2008

It’s too bad that the big boy Brother-nator missed this day. I could have used his help.

6 Replies to “Hair Cut Day, Part 2 — Oops. I Mean Part 3!”

  1. Thanks, you two for the kind comments. Yes, I have no greater joy or deeper pride than in those nut cases… er, I mean, fine young men. Yes, that’s it. Fine young men.

    Sorry, I’ve been busy with a few things since I got this blog under way. I appreciate your hanging around despite two weeks of no posts.

    New entry on the way. I promise. Oh, and I also noticed a number of typos, from the title of this post to a problem with the bi line. Eek. I think it’s okay now. Next I have to get the links and blog roll set up.

    Again, thanks for reading and for respoding.


  2. Oh, my yes. Since my boys are older we had to ban their mother from use of the flowbee (however you spell that).

    And the funny thing is, while Jon, 15 did not want to get in the car to get his hair cut with his mother, he almost cheerfully went with me. When letter quizzed by Mom on this he said it was because I was gay, and a lot of gay men are hair dressers… Sigh. Yup, so I was entrusted to make sure he’d look cool.

    It’s a good thing his mother and I get along so well! Thanks for stopping by, Green Dad!


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