Two Speeches

I stayed late at work last night because I knew the speeches would soon come and I didn’t want to miss anything on the drive home. There is much to do for all of us in the days and months ahead here in these United States, but last night I felt hope again. I found myself a little less cynical and more able to believe that perhaps this nation will indeed be a better place for our children than the one we have known.

I found McCain’s speech moving and inspiring as he pledged his support to his new president and urged the people of this country to come together. I got a bit choked up when he mentioned the recent passing of Obama’s grandmother. And Obama’s acceptance was nothing short of inspiring and presidential. These two good men showed the greatest respect for each other and the people who voted on either side. It makes me proud to be an American again.

If you haven’t seen them, I invite you to watch and listen to both speeches in there entirety in the order in which they were delivered. I hope it boosts your own faith in what this great democracy can accomplish. They were the best concession and acceptance speeches I’ve heard in my forty one years.

I only got three hours of sleep because of watching this all unfold last night, including some local races and right-to-marry issues that I’ll talk about later. But I am refreshed and invigorated this morning in a way that I haven’t been in so very long. I hope that you make it a great day. Oh, and yes, we can.



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  1. Vincent says:

    The last time I stayed up for an American election night, was when I was a student at Uni, and Reagan was elected, much to our amazement!!! So this time I went to a gathering at a friends house with a bunch of young aspiring wannabe politicians.

    I had no doubt what the result would be…and was only out by 1% in my prediction of the popular vote split. It was an inspiring night, which for me was a certainty once PA turned blue. I was dissappointed that McCain had to again constantly refer to the race issue even in his closing speech which was otherwise….moving and generous. To hear Obama mention gay and st8…was a first and gives hope. The job ahead of him is nothing short of bewildering….but he has for the forst time the goodwill of the world..friend and foe of the USA!


  2. Fitzgerald says:

    Nice new blog you have here. Just thought I’d drop by and say hello.


  3. sonofwalt says:

    Thanks for replying Vince and Fitz. Yes, I sat late at work long after closing time just to watch all of this roll out. I don’t think I’ve cried at a presidential acceptance speech before this. 🙂

    It does give one hope.


  4. Brian Dean Powers says:

    I too remember how great it felt when Mr. Obama won the election. My best friend was in California, but he called long distance to Wisconsin to share the moment.

    Now it’s eight years later, and America apparently wants to return to the Dark Ages.


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