The Time for Thanks Has Passed

So how was your Thanksgiving? Even my friends in Northern Ireland took time for a feast of thanks on Thursday!

Ours was delightful, but Rachel Ray’s Manchego Cheese in Smashed Potaoes recipe needs butter in it (just in case you ever try it. Otherwise it was great), and in the future I’m going back to spending the extra bucks for the Butterball turkey with that funky little plastic thermometer that pops up when the bird is done. The American cookbook recipes always teach you to cook it 15 minutes per pound at 300 F. plus one hour for a stuffed bird. The problem with that is that the bird reaches an internal temp of 180 (Done to death) long before that time passes, at least if you are using an electric roaster. Ah well, lesson learned, and the dark meat at least was still tender.

And I must say that my gravy was and always is flat out amazing. And nothing beats my very easy recipe for cranberry orange relish.

As for the pies? Well, Brian made a yummy apple (even though he neglected the Granny Smith’s I bought for the purpose) and a scrumptious pumkin pie. We never got to them on Turkey day. So I suggested we start on them at Breakfast friday. Micah (12) nodded his head gravely and said, “Okay, but we can’t be thankful about it.”


“Because Thanksgiving will be over. We’ll have to go back to moaning and complaining just like we always do.”

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  1. poeticgrin says:

    You know what? Those little misses – not enough butter – a turkey that’s a little dry – that just means it’s all homemade. Sometimes it’s the cooking and not the meal that’s memorable.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. Vincent says:

    Hey David….all sounds good and fun! My fella made me the full monty; I was away at a meeting in the evening but came home after 9pm to succulent turkey, crispy stuffing, chippolatas, sweet roast veg, fav roast tatters, rich gravy, lashings of relish and a v v good bottle of pinot noir. I ate too much…and then some more :-))) AND we still had a go at the apple pie before mid-night!!!!
    Here begins the run up to Xmas. yahoooooo…xxx


  3. sonofwalt says:

    Ah, the pinot noir! I was thinking of getting a bottle of that. I figured it would be the best red to go with the turkey and the richness of the gravy and all that. As it was we settled for Yuengling Lager and Black and Tan. That wasn’t bad either.


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