Mean Kitty’s Baby Sister


I’ve been pretty busy since Thanksgiving, trying to get Gay Fatherhood, the Global Community for Gay Dads fix up and redesigned. Lots of new pages and features and a billion little links. Sigh… Thank God for Bob’s help!

Anyway, so between that and the off and on cold bouts, the work and the upcoming holidays I haven’t had much time for poetry or birding. But I thought you might enjoy some videos that my youngest son, Micah sent to me yesterday. He’s had some challenges of his own lately, not the least of which is a return of seizure activity. More on that next time, for today I’d rather concentrate on the upside; this kid has a great attitude and crazy sense of humor, and he helps bring up the spirits of the rest of his family with it.

After his shower this morning, he asked his mom, “Was I normal last night?” (His recent seizure was after bed time and he remembers nothing of it except for waking up in the hospital).

“Yes, you were normal.”

“Oh good. Now you better have a good morning, or else.”

Below is the Mean Kitty video he sent me. The cat looks like it could be an older sibbling of our 13 week old Claire (remember, we named her Claire because of the increasing role that the allergy medicine claritin would now play in our family’s life). To watch the other crazy video he sent check out the Gay Father’s Blog here.



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