What’s Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?

I am posting this pretty much everywhere today. It looks like this lecture embodies so much of all of the little discussions I’ve had with folks lately. I’m tempted to buy the video and force my brothers and sisters to sit and watch it. Check it out at The Gay Moralist

7 Replies to “What’s Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?”

  1. There are so many things we, as so-called rational human beings, need to do…or, quit doing. This is one issue, as is the issue of race, that we have to put behind us. We shouldn’t even be talking, or referring to people as, black, Asian, Indian, or, homosexual, etc. I am so damned tired of people who are still conducting their lives under a system generated in the Middle Ages…and telling other human beings how they should conduct their lives. It’s all so absurd. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. that video was great … the only problem with it is that it uses logic, reason, experience and the truth instead of dogma to make its point. too bad.


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