David Reads “A Supermarket California,” by Allen Ginsberg

For the printed version of the text I will direct you to Poetryarchive.org where you can also hear Ginsberg’s reading. Um… no, I still haven’t listened to it yet. The very idea is intimidating. And if you’d like to know more about the movie Howl, check out this article at SlashFilm. If you are in my neck of Penn’s Woods when this thing hits the theaters (and I imagine it will be at the Campus Theater in Lewisburg eventually), let me know and we can take a pack of us to view it!

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  1. Vincent says:

    Hey Ginsberg…..my fav poet currently….you know he read it rather matter of factly, and only towards the end seemed to get into it, in fact he makes some comment that after writing some great poetry he was on his way down by this time!!!! So go listen to him and see what he does with it…and feel no intimidation. I feel like that reading your poetry compared to how I imagine you would read it…or when I write my own. So you to Ginsberg….me to you…there is a compliment in there somewhere I hope…xx


  2. sonofwalt says:

    haha, I did listen to his last night just before bed, and I agree, he was pretty low key. I thought… my, maybe I was too into it. lol But then I was also listening to the CD from the book Poet’s Corner, edited by John Lithgow, and I gotta tell you, nobody dramatizes a poem quite like the amazing Glen Close reading of Elizabeth Bishop. So… considering my love for Walt and for this bit by Ginsberg, I can forgive my own enthusiasm. LOL


  3. Jeremy Nathan Marks says:

    Reblogged this on The Sand County and commented:
    Too good not to share!

    If you don’t follow David, you should. I’m just saying. . . .


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