“To a Contemporary Bunkshooter,” by Carl Sandburg, a Poetry Reading by DJB

The text of this poem can be viewed by clicking right here. I was a little unsure about making this video public for several reasons. My reading is a bit over the top in places, but then again it’s nothing compared to an over the top Billy Sunday sermon. Also, it was hard to make a lot of eye contact with the cam without losing my spot in the poem; it’s a bit long. But it’s a fun Sunday Rant, so what the heck. It has it’s high points, and I hope you enjoy it.

The Oxford English Dictionary has no record of the word “Bunkshooter,” but the word bunk has its origin in the word Bunkcombe, which is the name of a county in North Carolina. During the debate on the “Missouri Question” a member of the 16th Congress persisted on “making a speech for Bunkcombe,” against the wishes of several other representatives who surrounded him. Since then making a speech for buncombe became euphemistic for political nonsense, usually to impress electors.

Bunk came to be the short version, used to refer to “Empty clap-trap oratory; tall talk; humbug.” So if you, like me, substituted bull-shitter for bunkshooter, you’d have pretty much the right idea.

10 Replies to ““To a Contemporary Bunkshooter,” by Carl Sandburg, a Poetry Reading by DJB”

  1. So when did your EQUITY CARD ARRIVE IN THE POST!!!!!…AH FRIGG CAPS LOCKS LOL. I like it, and your rendition should have been done in period dress…xx


  2. I know, I’ve been waiting for proof! But Keith is the actor of our triumvirate; I’m just a poet. 😉 Period dress is a grand idea! Maybe if I chose to tackle the poem in the future. As it was I had chosen the best critics clothing I could, my whitest Simon Cal t-shirt.

    There were problems with this reading, but after so many takes on a 5 minute plus video, I decided to let it stand as it was. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Vince, and thanks for the encouragement! I didn’t remember in time to post a birthday card, so you’ll be getting your own equity card in the post from me a bit late. Happy Birthday!


  3. How do I contact you? I have an idea to help spread the good word about the great poetry videos on our sites. My email is listed under my bio on my main LA Books site. Maybe you can contact me there if you don’t want to put your email on here.
    Hope to hear from you.


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Peltier. I just wish I knew what the hell you were talking about.

      Oh wait… All this time later, I get it. You were referring to Vincent’s birthday card! Sorry to be such a dunce. I probably came off as rude, but was just going for humor. Sorry for that.

      Frank, if you are still getting these, I get your blog updates, and I’m sorry I dropped the ball. Between school and work, I just couldn’t do all the things I wanted to.


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