Two Original Poems Read by DJB

This has been a busy two weeks. Midterm exams, papers, enough reading to overload Carl Sagan’s brain, and six nights of work. Ugh! But I’m sitting here now with my baby, listening to Michael Buble and Josh Groban, soothing my soul after the American Idol travesties of the evening. A glass of wine in my hand and my dearest friend in my arms; Yeah, life is pretty damned good.

So, I’ve had these up on YouTube for a week or so, but haven’t gotten the chance to blog them. I am experimenting with a Flip camera (Thank YOU, John!) instead of the webcam, and I am liking the results. Maybe some more slick editing lies ahead. Meanwhile, though I missed a contest deadline, I feel good about having pretty much completed this old childhood memory series. Well, until more memories demand to be written.

I have also been working on a variety of new pieces, including an Adam and Steve reconfiguration of Genesis, sure to piss some people off, though not at all intended to do so. Also a self image poem, and a response to Bukowski’s assertion that poetry is a gutless art. I’m looking forward to finishing the editing on the whole crazy lot of them soon, and submitting some more pieces for possible publication hither and yon.

Meanwhile, thanks for letting me share some moments from the bus stop.

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  1. David in Ireland says:

    Wonderful, brought a tear to my eye.

    God I miss you, and will hug all but the last breath from your lungs when I see you next month!

    You, and also the man that makes you happy, for I cannot but love the man that makes you so.

    D x


  2. David in Ireland says:

    Ok, sorry don’t know where the silly angry icon came from?

    Also, Hun, you need to update your Bio!

    D x


  3. Vincent says:

    Hey….you know what I feel about the the ‘bus stop’ recolections…they are truely your first master piece…and every poet has atleast one of those and this for me maybe your first… however not the last my dearest friend…..oh and ditto what my hubby has said re Brian..xoxoxo


  4. sonofwalt says:

    What a sweet comment, you two! I am glad you liked the poems. I can’t wait to see you two also, and to watch Brian’s eyes pop out when you hug him! 😀

    I didn’t even think of my bio since I started writing here again! Yikes. I will fix a couple of things; thanks for the heads up!


  5. sonofwalt says:

    Oh, and the icons are spontaneously generated unless you have an account or profile or whatever here. I did have goofy monsters before. Which did you like better, Vince?


  6. sonofwalt says:

    Regarding the bio, editing complete. It’s still way too damned long though. Shrug. Thanks!


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