Napowrimo Easter Poem

Running a bit late wit this! Yikes, I should be caught up shortly. I hope your Easter was as peaceful as it should be.

Egg Versus Cross

The Calvanist is hard
on the Easter egg–
“Fickle colored distraction,
keeping children
happily numb to sin
and terrors of crucifixion.”
But if the stories are true,

Friday was a prelude,
and was mostly good
due to our absence,
and divine replacement.
We are told we should
have been there, and
we were, on either side.

We had stand-ins they say,
one who believed and one who turned
away. If Jesus pulled Houdini
on the Devil, why not a better
symbol than the cross? One that speaks
of life, like an empty tomb, or
a colored egg just staring to crack?

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