Time to Say it Straight

The religious radicals are not listening. They never have, so why are we pretending to carry on a dialog with them. Haven’t we noticed their fingers in their ears?

This is the best and most honest blog post I’ve read in a long time, and I hope you’ll read it. I’m tired of playing nice, respecting “opinions” while kids die. I’m fed up.

Please read Emily’s post here:

I am frankly weary of being told that I should respect everyone’s opinion. Sorry, you have the opinion that the world is flat? I don’t respect that or you for that matter. It’s 2010, you should know better. You have the “opinion” that blacks are less intelligent or that women are inferior to men? Get off the bus, your seat has been spoken for and I am under no obligation to respect you or your ridiculous bullshit opinion. so get off the cross, we need the wood. All people are created equal, but all opinions are simply NOT.

I’ve had to listen to your point of view for years (insert name of whomever came to me with the Bible under their arm, forgetting that I had attended seminary and had already been clobbered with these seven passages before), while you have not even bothered to invest one minute of your time to listen to or look into mine. I suppose you don’t think about a car crash much until you’re in one, but when one of your children or the child of a friend attempts suicide because of your refusal to believe that you just might be wrong about this, I hope your blessed god forgives your guilty soul.

I am done playing nice with bad people, pretending to be good and hiding behind this false idea about everyone having an equal opinion.  The good ones among them who are truly concerned and want to know more will eventually come around. But we needn’t coddle the racists and bigots out there just because they have an “opinion” that should be heard. It’s been heard and it’s wrong. I’m done listening.

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  1. Applause!! very well said!!


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Why, thank you. Thank you for digging this far back. I’m honored.


    2. Had to submerge in your post. So very glad to be following you!!!


    3. sonofwalt says:

      Aw, same here. Thanks for the smile. I didn’t realize I was missing one tonight until now.


    4. : ) : ) : )
      You are very welcome!!


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