Reading it Well, and Making it Relevant

This is what I am all about, and hats off to the IBlamePoetry channel on YouTube for doing such an excellent job of this. I love these readings. They are true to the poems, and innovative in their presentation. Finding nuggets like this gives me hope and joy that my fascination with poetry is not an obsession with a dying art.

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  1. keatsbabe says:

    I love your blog. Thank you for introducing me to this YouTube channel! As you have visited my blog you may know I love poetry and like you I think this is a wonderfully innovative way to highlight how relevant it can be in a modern context.


  2. sonofwalt says:

    Thank you, KB! 😀 And you is welcome! And I agree.


  3. Ygor Raduy says:

    Obsession with a dying art? Well, maybe. Poetry is not exactly the hit of these strange times, is it? But there are still some freaks here and there who wil not let it die. Not so fast, not now, at least.


  4. sonofwalt says:

    Oh, I was saying this gives me hope that it is not a dying art. It will be we “freaks” who carry it on. But I’m hoping the next generation takes it even further and makes it their own. Always good to see your photogenic face here, Ygor!


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