Two Speeches Last Night

And both of these speeches made me proud. I am reminded why I voted for this man. It is good to finally have a leader in the White House again. I am also very proud of, and thankful for the troops who helped end the reign of this terrorist-thug Bin Laden, as well as for all the troops who have served to protect the freedom to make posts like this one.

CNN seems to not be cooperating with WordPress on this so please click here to open a new window and watch the second speech first.

As the next video shows, he is not only a presidential class act, but he also has a fine sense of humor. For many reasons this week, I am reminded why I voted for this man. Say what you will, but the United States of America has a leader of whom we can be proud.

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  1. intelliwench says:

    Momentous news indeed — let’s hope that this somehow helps reunite the country to work for progress toward our other problems!


  2. sonofwalt says:

    Amen, Wench. Amen.


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