Music Rolls on: Wagon Wheel Cover, by Ashes for Trees

Wow, what a week it’s been! Sorry, that was supposed to be a musical week on the blog, but things got away from me. I filled out applications and got a new job, quit the old one; I decided I couldn’t finish my degree and make my dreams come true while breaking my back making my employer’s dreams come true. Sometimes there is only so much one can take, especially when you are already burnt out in a field that was only a second choice as a “back-up” until financial recovery. Sigh… So ahead, I am looking at some internship possibilities, and possibly editing, more poetry submissions, maybe leading that poetry workshop my mentor wanted me to help him with before he got too sick to do it. And while I make that final semester of A grades, I’ll pay the bills with tips. 🙂 Big relief, really.

Ok, so now it’s time for the segway into the music, and how do I tie this all together. Give me a second, I’m a poet; I can do this. OK. So.

This song is a traveler’s song, a workman’s song. And I have been busting my ass for some time now. I started back to school less than two years ago, part time. But I cannot finish well, working 6 days a week for low pay and no benefits, even if the restaurant is one block away, and even though, thanks to my host-ish personality, I am amazing at what I do. So, I knew I would need to branch off into the things that will add to my degree and make me more hire-able in a field I have wanted to be in for a long time. My frustrations with the status quo were probably just my ego’s way of telling me it was time to hit the kick stand and really start this machine rolling. If you look at this the wrong way, it appears to be a step backward, but I think it’s a leap forward, freeing me from some responsibilities that are preventing me from doing what I want. Ah, here I go again, getting off course in this post. That’s what I don’t want to do.

I want to die free, as the song says, not at the wheel of someone else’s dream. So here is a song by my future sister-in-law, Katie, and her band Ashes for Trees. Their accoustic cover of “Wagon Wheel,” featuring the family animals, Buddy and Benny and honoring for Father’s Day a man who I am happy to know, the father of some very talented and beautiful people in my life.

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