Vulture Footage Abandoned for Flying Boy Film

Micah did some editing recently on footage from an outing he and I had last summer. We were out looking for turkey vultures to film for an upcoming poetry reading, which should not have been difficult; TV’s are everywhere here in central Pennsylvania. Heck I’ve even seen a few black vultures the last couple of years, inching their territory a little further north into our back yard. So how hard should it have been to find one or three circling above us, riding a late afternoon thermal? Sigh, actually it wasn’t hard, except we were driving, and there was no way to pull over and get it on film. Plus, even if we had, I doubt the zoom on the camera would have been sufficient. 

In the end we gave up and did what all good birders, poets and film makers eventually do. We had lunch. 

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  1. Dear Mr DadPoet,

    This is a comment based on all your posts I have been reading through, Enjoying reading them alot… You left me a lovely comment on one of my poems so I thought I would come and check your site out. Never have I found such wonderful reading… I have yet to find a post that hasn’t made me smile or keep my interest to the last letter. Reading your Bio it seems we share a fair few interests… My favourite film is also tied between Big Fish and dead poet society … Two beautiful wonderful films and well as a keen watcher of Lost during it’s magnificent run through. I look forward to your future posts and hope to read more soon 🙂 Josh x


  2. sonofwalt says:

    Josh! What a thoroughly delightful comment to come to first thing online today. Thank you, and I am happy to make your acquaintance. I too was reading a bit on your blog before I found this comment, and the thought occurred to me that you sound a lot like me in a younger day. 🙂 Though I think you have a bit more focus than I did back then. I look forward to reading more of your work as well. Keep blazing your path.

    Yes, those movies, Big Fish and Dead Poets Society; they speak to something in my soul, the poet, the father, the son, the dreamer, the story teller. I loved it when my son Jonathan, watching Big Fish, said, “So these stories are real, it’s just that they are all metaphorical.” I was so proud, and immediately wanted to call his English teacher about upping his grade average! 🙂

    I have some new readings coming up to post on YouTube, and I’ll post them here too, as well as a few other things. Thanks for the uplift today, Josh! Talk to you soon.


  3. My pleasure, Your blog has inspired me in a number of ways so thank you 🙂 Yeah I saw your youtube channel and gave it a follow, Am in the process of developing my own as I write this. Take care 🙂


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