Saturday Plans for National Poetry Month

Poetry (Photo credit: Kimli)

My sons are coming tomorrow (read that as later today, since I wrote this in the wee hours before bed), and thanks to Life is an Exquisite Journey’s blog I have some ideas of what we can do on our street and at the park a block away, right by the library. I wonder if we can get library goers involved… I am  hoping that Jonathan’s Guitar and some filming for my one of my weekend poetry videos gets worked in here somehow… Check this out:

Celebrate National Poetry Month: Sidewalk Chalk and Poetry.

Tell me, what are you doing to celebrate and spread the love of poetry? It doesn’t have to be one of these every-single-day-of-the-month challenges that some of us are crazy enough to commit to. It could just be taking a favorite poem and posting it at work. Or it could be sending a meaningful poem in a letter to a friend who could use the uplift. Maybe it’s reading poems to your kids before bed instead of the regular stories. There are plenty of great books at the library that have children’s poetry. My boy’s loved Shel Silverstein. Whatever you do, don’t keep it to yourself. Spread the beauty. Okay?

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