National Months

I was just looking at a list of National Months, and I can tell you the list is nowhere near exhaustive. I don’t know if there is a national birding month anywhere else, but we don’t seem to have one in the U.S. There is however, a national bird-feeding month, but I’m not sure I’ll have much luck with that in my tiny courtyard and balcony. I doubt I would get many feathered visitors here. So I promise you, my beautiful non-feathered followers that come February you do not need to worry about my filling your inbox with photos or videos of a different bird every day for 28 days. Anyway, I might still be recovering from 2012’s national poetry month by then.

Seriously though, did you know that this is also national soft pretzel month? That’s crazy because when I lived in Indiana 20 years ago I couldn’t find a German soft pretzel anywhere. Perhaps times have changed, or else marketing has improved. In any case, I really think I should commit to eating one soft pretzel per day for the next 15 days to round out the month. Maybe there’s a good poem in this… Or not.

If worse comes to worst I should be able to bounce back soon because May is national fitness and sports month!


9 thoughts on “National Months

  1. David,
    So I just went to look at that list (as well as this one ) and found I have sevaral NaPoWriMo poems for 2012 that equate to some of them (totally by accident I might add):

    Did you know it’s:
    National Poetry Month (of course you do – See Day 6)
    National Military Child Month (See Day 2)
    American Cancer Society Month (See Day 14)
    National Garden Month (See Days 12 and 13 – sortof πŸ™‚ )
    Stress Awareness Month (See Day 9)
    National Donate Life Month (See Day 4)

    I might just have to go back there for more inspiration… just don’t think I’ll be writing one on
    Thai Heritage Month
    National Soyfoods Month

    But.. you never know.




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