Poultry Slams and Microwaves

I’m up ridiculously early this morning because I have an impossible to-do list today, but it will end over dinner with the three most awesome young men on the planet, my sons. And there just might be time for  wee nap before dinner. Hope.

So, you’ve probably seen these, if like me, you receive goofy poetry-related humour in your inbox or on your FaceBook wall from sympathetic friends. They know I am a poetry nerd, and the ones who care about me do try to get it. These first two I thought were wonderful, because I am a pun loving kinda guy. The last one, just makes me shake my head every time, but still. It’s kind of cute.

14 Replies to “Poultry Slams and Microwaves”

    1. The first chicken one I just love so much. I do a belly chuckle every time I read it. “Chicken./ Road./ The Crossing is within./ There is no other side.”
      It’s like teenage angst poultry! 😀


    1. I like your bonkers friends then… now they have me thinking how I can write a poem about appliances! ::shakes head:: I am on an e.e. cummings kick today! lol


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