Bonus Track: Matthew MacFadyen Does It Again – this Time with Yeats

William Butler Yeats, Irish poet
William Butler Yeats, Irish poet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a good night with the family, though I admit to ordering too many appetizers at the House of the Wolf. But dang, all that recording (20 takes!) this afternoon, and only yogurt and an orange for lunch. I was hungry. See how I suffer for poetry sake?

I was excited to get to work on the 18th reading when I got home tonight, but now I’m just too knackered. I need some sleep. Hopefully this week I will make time for getting back to my workout and some new poetry of my own I was working on. Day shift tomorrow (well, today. It’s late), before I can record and post day 18. But it’s in my head and I think it will tie in nicely with day 17.

To hold you over until then here is another of Matthew MacFadyen. You good folks seem to like his style and delivery as much as I do, so here he is with one of my favorite Yeats poems ever. You may remember I read Yeats on Day 9. I’m too tired to even link to it, so please, dear friend, either scroll back or check it out from the archives or one of my other videos. You can go to my channel, and then to my National Poetry Month Playlist.

If you are new here, I have given myself the challenge of recording, producing and posting one poem each day of the month of April. That may be easy for some, but it’s a challenge for me. It’s also been a great learning experience, and a lot of fun.

Here is Mathew:

8 Replies to “Bonus Track: Matthew MacFadyen Does It Again – this Time with Yeats”

  1. OMG. I doubt that you’ll recall our earlier chats (comments) but I said I was not a fan of Yeats work in its entirety – but had NO idea this was his. I almost laughed out loud as this was the very first poem I can ever remember falling in love with as a young girl. It made such an impact that I have it memorized to this day. Wonderful!


    1. HA! That is delightful. Yes, I do remember that discussion. It saddened me a bit at the time, but I was hoping to eventually win you over, at least a little bit. Score! Thank you, so much for telling me this. 🙂


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