Musical Interlude – BPK Covering the Big Whitney Song

Pianist and Poet
Look at that smiling face. How can one not fall in love?

First this brief announcement: Day 24 of National Poetry Month here in this place called the United States. Those of you from outside of Pennsylvania, since it’s a primary election day here, I want you to know something: WE did not vote for Rick Santorum. He’s a “former senator,” so that should have been a clue. We can take no responsibility for his delusional behavior. However, some of us still wish he had stayed in the running. Now the conservatives will have the leader that the big banks and corporations want, someone they can control. Lord, help us.

But it is also my day off this week, and since you’ve been introduced to my awesome sons in several videos this month, before bringing you day 24 of 30 Days, 30 Readings, I thought I’d introduce to you another brilliant bright spot in my life, my boyfriend, Mr. BPK. Say  hello to all the poets and poetry lovers, dear.

So, can you guess the topic at least of the next poetry reading?

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  1. jeglatter says:

    Thanks for sharing here the beauty in your life. Gorgeous music. I wondered what your blog would be like, refraining to post your own poems while waiting to publish, now I see you are just showing your poetry without giving us the exact lines. Beautiful.
    (don’t even want to think about politics).


    1. sonofwalt says:

      What a lovely comment. Thank you. I had a teacher tell me once that I would never be able to be one of those dark gloomy poets because I was, despite hard knocks and downfalls, was still “doomed” to be a happy person.

      Slowly some of my own poems do creep in here (Day 5, I believe of my 30 days series has one of my own), and as I am getting off my ass and starting to submit to places, I’ll post more of them. In the meantime, I guess this is where I celebrate poetry in general.


  2. Nice to meet you, Mr. Brian! Thanks for the moving musical introduction. Dave, thank you for sharing the many beautiful aspects of your life.


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Aw, shucks… it weren’t nuthin’. 🙂


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