Bonus Track: Wallace Stevens, “Gray Room”

Former home of the noted American poet Wallace...
Former home of the noted American poet Wallace Stevens, 118 Westerly Terrace, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Stevens wrote many of his best-known poems while living in this house. It is a private residence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m way late getting out of the house today! I have a huge list of things on my to-do list today, not the least of which is purchasing a new external mouse for this ancient laptop so as to prevent the kind of technological nightmare I had last night while recording segments from “The Man with the Blue Guitar.” It’s the longest reading of the month, but I promise you, if you haven’t seen it yet, I did not inflict upon you all 33 cantos. It’s only about 5 minutes long, and I would be ever so honored if you would skip back a day and listen.

I was looking for a Wallace Stevens piece for a bonus track to hold you over while I run my errands, and I just discovered this little clip. How delightful! Who are these actors? What was this program? How do I get a copy? There is no information in the YouTube video at all to help me, so if you are familiar, I’d love to know.

But for now, my middle boy needs to be scheduled for his SAT’s, my cat needs food, I need to shop for a birthday present for the youngest boy. I need to get my work schedule repaired for Thursday’s poetry night and his birthday!

Oh, and for tonight’s poem, my final recording for my National Poetry Month challenge of 30 Days, 30 Readings, I am off to the woods to record something from my namesake. 😉

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  1. solingenpoet says:

    To the woods!!!!!! you amaze me. your life is so full yet you don’t forget you followers……….ah ah ah !!


  2. N Filbert says:

    ah one of my favoritest minds


  3. David,
    I’m trying to hang in there but alas… I think I’m destined for bed soon… I guess I’ll have something extra to look forward to when I wake up in the morning… Hope you’re back from the woods safe and sound with mouse (not from the woods) in hand. Happy 30th of April!




    1. sonofwalt says:

      Sorry, it took a long time to upload. Only one technical issue, and I think it has to do with my memory, not mine, but the laptop’s. The new mouse is so cute! I did bring a tick home, but I sent him back out on the street. I suppose I should have squished him…


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