Technical Difficulties!

Two things are happening right now.

1. My laptop’s mouse pad seems to be dying. It is 3 years old now and it has taken a lot of pounding, so tomorrow I will get an external mouse.


2. Windows Movie Maker does not like what  I am doing with this video for tonight. I keep trying to add in extra video footage between the segments of the poem, but I think it’s just too much work, too much memory used for the old version of Windows movie maker that I insist on using (Generally the newer versions are too simplistic, having cut out most of the great options for editing in favor of easier usage for uploading family picnics I guess, but unfortunately it’s not able to handle what I am throwing at it. SO! Yes, I will get day 29’s reading up. It is recorded, but I need to finish this editing nightmare, so maybe within the next hour, by 1 AM EST, all will be well. You will have Day 29, but unfortunately not the way I dreamed it would be. 😦

9 Replies to “Technical Difficulties!”

  1. David,
    Well this will fit perfectly into my final NaPoWriMo poem… so thanks! I’m about to quit for the night but will try to get it read and a video done after work tomorrow so I can end with a bang!

    I am sorry for your troubles though.. but appreciate you adding to my “Down to the wire” poem 😀

    I have great confidence that you’ll get it all worked out!




    1. Well, it isn’t all I wanted it to be, but Day 29 is on. I couldn’t risk a third time trying to mess with the video since it kept shutting down movie maker. Hopefully I’ll have this technical problem fixed by day 30’s production.

      Glad I helped inspire! lol


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