“Overvision” at Poetry Under the Paintings

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Union County
Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Union County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This last Thursday we enjoyed Poetry Under the Paintings 2 at Faustina’s Gallery in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. We will continue this at least through the summer, so if you are in Central PA with time to spare and a poem in your hand (yours or a favorite), bring a chair and a taste for Ann’s mint iced tea.

I had the camera a bit too far back on this, but we arrived late, and my idea was to get the crowd in the picture. We’ll experiment with that next month and hopefully get you a few louder and closer readings from some of the other poets. Meanwhile, crank up your volume. This at least gives you an idea of what we are doing. For the text of the poem I am reading, just pull up the Poet page of this blog. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.

And tell me, what sort of poetry events are happening in your back yard? And if none, when and what will you be part of starting?

17 Replies to ““Overvision” at Poetry Under the Paintings”

  1. For those of us who aren’t close by, you should consider shipping us some of Ann’s Mint Iced Tea, so we can sip it along with the video of your next gathering.

    Enjoyed the poem!


    1. you can brew your own… you just need a fancy, dancy dispenser: start a pot of water to boil with a whole buncha spearmint stolen from your neighbor’s yard. (well, actually, she knows, but it sounds better that way). remove from burner once boiling and put in 4 large tea bags(2 reg/2 decaf). fill a gallon container. cool. take to faustina’s with a bag o ice. pour tea over ice in fancy dancy glass dispenser (you could probably borrow one, we have two from my wedding 4 years ago). Then invite a whole lot of people with poems and folding chairs, look at great local art and listen raptly to great (mostly) local poetry. occasionally read with great drummer. (and spearmint is much better – in my book – for this tea than spearmint.) Now, don’t be shy, read me something lovely…


    2. Ann, after that fun reply, you’re my new best friend!

      I will have to go pilfer some mint from the neighbor and get to brewin’ !


  2. I loved your poem. I recently ran across some poems and stories I wrote ten years ago, and there’s no way I could recapture now the freshness I had then.


    1. I have that problem with notes and half written poems, and worse– an ex bf had long ago bought me one of those little voice activated mini recorders because I said that sometimes while driving I felt like I knew a secret to the universe but since I couldn’t read what I scrawled on a notepad whilst driving 60 miles an hour, they were lost forever. So. He bought me the recorder to wax poetic on, and later to transcribe. Unfortunately I tried to transcribe things more than a year later, and the moment, the inspiration, the spirit behind the words was gone. I listened to my recordings and thought, “Oh my god; I have to destroy these before someone listens and thinks I’ve gone mad.”


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