Sons, Dads, a Preview and a Musical Interlude

Years Ago
Still crazy after all these years.

Well, I’ve talked a lot about my sons on this blog, but not nearly enough since April, the month which really kicked the poetry side of things off here on the Dad Poet. Most recently I celebrated Jon’s high school graduation here, and before that I boasted a bit about the writer. They have all showed up in a poetry vid or two, but coming up this week sometime I want to take a few minutes to brag about my oldest boy, the one I said was taking his Praxis exams, our future teacher/ current tutor in the family.

Also this weekend we have the big Dad’s day thing tomorrow, during which I will meet up with my siblings to honor our pop. Immediately following that the boys will come back to my house for who knows what, chicken barbecue and game night I think. Should be a nice weekend.

But for now I must prepare to be off to work. I’ll be serving a young lady at her 80th birthday party tonight! Speaking of serving, I found out that this is not just what I do to pay the bills, apparently this is what I am. Yup, read on a former fellow student’s Facebook that unless I can claim it on my income taxes I am not a poet. Granted, the conversation started out by talking about local “professional” musicians, but it is funny to me the way young people define themselves these days. I try to go easy on these guys; I was once young and naive too. I hope I have done a better job teaching my own boys about such things.

Anywho, since I’m in a rush, how about a musical interlude. It’s been a while. Lately I’ve been getting into groups with multiple string and horn instruments like Bellowhead, Beruit, and though it’s a smaller group, Devotchka. There is some great music out there, provided you can pull yourself away from “top 40 radio.” Here’s Bellowhead with a fun little tune for this Saturday.

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