Mad Libs for Father’s Day

Okay, so maybe a little late for Father’s Day, but honestly, it was such a joy to have all three boys with me for so long that I couldn’t be bothered with getting online. I love you guys, but this place feels more like home when they are here, and what a great weekend it was.

We had a picnic with my siblings and their cousins to surprise my own father for Dads Day, but the rest of the time we had to ourselves to play games, inside and out, watch old reruns of LOST and yes, create and record our own personalized Mad Libs, which we like to call Dad Libs. After a couple of rounds of Apples to Apples Micah said, “We haven’t done a Dad Libs in a while. We should do a Father’s Day edition.” So he and Josiah came up with their material in secret, and asked the rest of us for the parts of speech needed to fill in the blanks. You and your family really need to try this. It’s so much more fun than the pre-made ones.

13 Replies to “Mad Libs for Father’s Day”

  1. David,
    Ok That was a ton of fun to watch and a great way to end my work day. I remember doing madlibs as a youngster and I love that you tied it to other works. Will have to give this a try with the kids. We’ve done the Apples to Apples thing here as well.

    Thanks for the reminder and the twist!



    1. Stephen! So good to hear from you! And I am sure you will enjoy the results. It was my little film maker’s idea to start these some time ago, and they are always fun.


    2. David…
      Yes… I’ve been a wayward one these many moon passing’s catching only a glimpse of the poetry family here and there. Y’all have been missed.
      I’m trying to make up for it with a flurry of posts and comments 😀
      We’ll see how I do …

      good to be back though and it’s helping the creative juices start to flow and helping to ease the frustration that life is throwing at me right now. Writing, reading and sharing words is powerful medicine.




    1. Oh, that’s wonderful to hear! Sorry we made you cry. tee hee. .. Thank you so much for watching. It was the emasculated spiders that made me totally lose it, but I was already gone by “scandalized,” and the illuminated sodium of her father was kinda crazy too.


    1. We had a lot of fun. Thanks for commenting. Micah usually comes up with these ideas, but when I do he says things like, “You and your crazy ideas…” 😉


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