Ends and Odds with Snow White and the Spokenverse


“Dad, YOU need to post something!”

My son, the Monkey Prodigy has made a dig at his father regarding the lack of recent action at Dad Poet. Subtle, cheeky monkey he is. But he’s right, aside from the recent upload from the Priestly Chapel reading last month, I haven’t done much online recently except delete my Facebook account. I did start a new one, and I’d like to keep this one from getting out of hand. What a mess that place is! It used to be a lovely coffee shop where I could meet with friends, but now it’s become Grand Central Station, and I cannot hear what my friends are saying over the din and clamor! Why, pray tell, would I want to hear what you said on your Auntie Mabel’s status if Auntie Mabel is not even someone I know? And finding out that some former school mate or coworker supports Mitt Romney and deplores gun control? Well, I am afraid I’m just not geared for that level of involvement.

I’ve been both busy and lazy, each in turn these last few weeks, fixing up my balcony, catching up on reading. We’ve been moving the lovely BPK into the home, as well as attending poetry readings for me, and music events for him. He played at the Venture Lounge in Wilkes-Barre this Saturday night, and I read at Poetry Under the Paintings in Lewsiburg on Thursday. We didn’t record this month, as our sound equipment did not arrive. Instead we circled the wagons, well the chairs, and read in the round, almost support group style. It was very relaxed and enjoyable, and we were treated to a couple of new readers. Funny in this modern age how many of us did not print out, but were reading from our smart phones. I got to meet fellow blogger and life coach, Michele Kittel who shared some of her recent poems written as part of a personal thirty day challenge. What a delight!

I also got to show off my new friend Melanie Simms! Melanie and I will be reading with Professor Marjorie Maddox at Sunbury’s River Festival on Saturday the 18th. Marjorie has been travelling, but I’ll get to meet her soon. Meanwhile we’ve been trying to promote the event, but I confess that I tend to drop the ball easily and get scatter-brained about such things. Melanie is much better at promotion than I. I will tell you more about these two poets in the next few days, but believe me when I say that I am the junior poet here, and I am not talking about age. I am honored to be reading beside these two.

Speaking of honor. I am honored to be working on several reading projects right now, including readings of poems by Kristine Byrne, Suzie Grogan, and Jeremy Nathan Marks.  Thanks to each of them for asking, and/or allowing me to read their works. I really do need to get off my literary ass and get cracking! And while I go work on some of those videos now, I’d like to leave you with the absolute rock star of online poetry readings, Mr. Tom O’bedlam. This gentleman has been kind enough to take the time to offer me some pointers and answer some of my questions about recording and poetry reading in general. I highly recommend his YouTube chanel, “Spokenverse.”


28 Replies to “Ends and Odds with Snow White and the Spokenverse”

    1. I did a few practice runs, getting my pace, last night, Kristine. I like the way it sounds. I’m eager to see what you do with it when I get it recorded. 🙂 Any recent changes? I know you said there was a part you were unsure of. I like it as is, but I’m happy to oblige. 🙂


  1. I loved this post – look world there is a life outside facebook 🙂 You completely inspired me and I’ve weeded out my fb account. FB was starting to feel a lot like watching reality tv – sound bites of lives, which don’t quite feel real. I was starting to feel disconnected rather than connected.

    The circle sounded amazing..almost tribal.


    1. Thank you, Jane! I’m glad it inspired you. I’m learning a few things as I go this time too. Now there is at least an option to opt out of comments your friends make on other statuses. But it was hidden, and not announced to us, just like all the othe “upgrades.” They keep changing things to bombard us more and more, and the only reason is for the dollars. The more data that they can gather for their advertisers the better. It’s gotten to the point where facebook is of more benefit to the advertisers than to the users. I’m learning how to use it again, because, god, has it changed!

      And the reading the round was awesome. There were no lengthy pauses between readers at all. Things were relaxed but kept moving at a great pace.


  2. Jumping right in at the end, will work my way backwards. Sounds about right to me. Best of luck with the readings. I happen to love Jeremy Nathan Mark’s work, writing and otherwise. He’s quite a guy. I’ve not read the other two gals you mentioned, but will certainly make a point to.
    One thing I neglected to mention waaay waaay back during our BIO back and forth…you mentioned never having been to Alaska….Friend, I’m here to tell ya….GO West Young(ish) Man! It will steal your breath, inspire your soul, and break your heart it’s so beautiful. k? k.


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Dahl… The Revolting Rhymes Book this, I believe appears in if memory serves me well is one of my all time favourite books… Can sit there with my very young brothers and sisters and we will absolutely fall about laughing. Very good reading as well, really enjoyed it. Am glad to see you back on, Missed the posts 🙂


    1. Another one coming today. Going to try to get back to once a day, or every other. Just lots of stuff going on lately, and when I have computer time, I seem to just be zoning out. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment, and I’m glad you like Mr. O’Beldam’s reading. I’ll be back shortly to check out what you’re up to.


  4. Enjoyed the Dahl poem — didn’t know he wrote poetry. Or, maybe I did know, once upon a time, back when I worked in the bookstore, but, my brain cells are slowly dying off. 🙂

    I didn’t change my FB account, though I did recently clean up my list — removed almost 20 people. I got tired of having to read ignorant things from people who never interacted with me. My FB account is a much happier place. Hopefully you’re new FB home will be a peaceful place.


    1. Yes, I am managing the contacts differently now. And of course, there is the obvious benefit that some people will not bother to track down the new account and re-add me. These are people that I will “forget” to add myself. 🙂

      And yes, I too enjoyed the Dahl poem, but especially Tom’s reading of it. I really enjoy his work.


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