News Flash: School Bus Breakdown by the River

The first words spoken at the new Amphitheater along the Susquehanna in Sunbury: Poetry

Lest you think at first glance here that the title of this post is decieving, let me explain. It is simply a mashup of the titles of the three short poems I read in this clip. I couldn’t resist. This, by the way, is the final clip in the series from last Saturday’s River Festival in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

There were some technical difficulties (background noise, etc.) that prevented some of the poems by Marjorie and Melanie to be put to video, and that is why I just happen to have them outnumbered with a few extra poems of my own here.  And though I feel like a bit of a cad to post three more of my own, well, it is my blog, right? And these three just turned out so well that I couldn’t not share them here.

The first two are light but meaningful, and the third was just a little fun, a humorous rhyme written for a friend, which none the less got a great reaction from the crowd. I don’t think I need to include the text of these poems here in the description because the audio is pretty clear. And two of these are currently being submitted for publication, so I don’t want to interfere with that (sometimes editors will ignore work that they can find on line, saying that it has already been published).

If you didn’t see the other poems in this play list, please check them out. It was humbling, as well as good for my ego to have the opportunity to share the microphone with Marjorie Maddox and Melanie Simms. Look for more readings with these talented poets, and others from our region being read at Pennsylvania’s Capitol building coming up in October.

Of course Poetry Under the Paintings in Lewisburg is coming up again soon on First Thursday, and we’ll try to get you a few highlights from that event. Always a good time with a great bunch of local writers, not to mention the exquisite mint tea!

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  1. Great work, David! Save it to send to CCTV (Colorado Cable TV) I emailed you the info tonight. We have to figure out how to send it to him – he wants to use it for his tv show. 🙂 – Melanie


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Spooky! I was just telling Brian that there was an email I needed to look at. That’s the one. I can save these to a DVD if that’s what he needs. Why Colorado Cable? How the heck did that come about? 🙂


  2. Joshua James says:

    That’s a really awesome video, Having a tough dad but that has just made it alot better I can tell You 🙂


    1. Joshua James says:



    2. sonofwalt says:

      Aw, you spoiled my fun. I was going to joke about how tough my dad was. 😉 I’m glad my poems could make you smile, Josh. I know you miss your grandfather. Sending a transatlantic hug.


    3. Joshua James says:

      Thank You David, It Means Alot x


  3. Cat food in the toaster! Yeah, when a day starts out like that, going back to bed is the only thing for it.

    It is SUCH a delight to hear you read your own poems, Dave. And what a glorious setting for a reading!


    1. sonofwalt says:

      It really was lovely that morning. And thank you for listening, Jennifer! We did a lot of local radio and print promotion for this reading, so we were pretty happy about how things turned out.


  4. David,
    Wow! I’ve finally been able to sit down and listen to all these clips from the readings by the beautiful Susquehanna in Sunbury. What a wonderful treat to be able to sit back and listen. It’s been a long few weeks full of work, kids etc and I haven’t had much time for reading or writing of poetry. This video, along with the others from there you posted, were pure treat and the next best thing to actually being there. I would love to see / hear 15 minute clips either here or on YouTube. so Yes Please.

    PS… I love moon poems and have often been inspired by or included the moon in my poetry. Really loved the line “And I strain to read the ink spots on the moon.”

    Hopefully I can get some more focused time soon and get back into reading / writing.

    Thanks! I needed this!



    1. sonofwalt says:

      I like that line too, thanks! I think that was received very well. Thanks for taking the time to listen to all of them! I’ll be looking forward to hearing more from you soon.


  5. angryricky says:

    Hey. Through the oddness of my life right now, I could be in your area Thursday night. More specifics about place/time for PUP?


    1. sonofwalt says:

      OH! Okay, coolness. I might end up having to work. Trying to avoid that. 😦 Will try harder!


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