Look! It’s Working! It’s Magic! – Dad and another one of his stupid puns


Lake Augusta in the Susquehanna

Where North and West Meet

Jon, Micah and I went for a stroll down by the river last Monday so I could show them the new River Walk in Sunbury, and the amphitheater where I read poetry with the poetesses for the peoples.

But the dam had been deflated. No, you read that correctly–deflated. We have, I am told, the world’s largest inflatable dam here where the two branches of the Susquehanna meet, a vast expanse which is not a lake, and yet is called Lake Augusta, in honor of Fort Augusta which was located on the east shore. 

I had heard talk that the Army Corps of Engineers’ damn, er dam work would shorten the boating season, but I simply didn’t expect the outright silliness of it being done before the Labor Day weekend. Do they not want tourism and boaters in Sunbury?  Whatever the reason, the new boat docks had been dismantled, and there was little to see.

Plus we forgot the guitar, and even had we not, well our bright ideas (“You and your Bright Ideas,” as Micah says) about filming by the river were deflated like the damn dam, because the camera would not work! It said, “Camera empty” there on the little two inch screen. But when I pushed the record button it said, “Camera Full.” When I tried to erase, it said, “Camera Empty.”

You get the idea. So when we came back home I hooked it up to the computer and somehow erased what was there that I couldn’t see without the laptop’s expert help. This silly clip was the result.



15 thoughts on “Look! It’s Working! It’s Magic! – Dad and another one of his stupid puns

    • Oh, it’s been so many things lately. Two flat tires, two different cars, two consecutive days. . . Keys locked in a car a the grocery store and the realization that the spare key was at my ex boyfriend’s houes. 🙂 lol, yup, lots of that lately.


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