The Dike at Dusk, a Birthday Walk in Color and Shadow

Okay, so it was a lamp post, but it LOOKS like a UFO
“UFO” Sighted Over the River

Due to various reasons the boys and I had to wait until Sunday to celebrate the anniversary of the old man’s leap from Grandma’s womb. I know, it’s a startling image, but that’s how it happened. I tried to leap back but mom wasn’t having any of that. I was cooking and doing my own laundry just three weeks after coming home from the hospital. Ours is a rough family.

In any case while baby mamma and the oldest two were getting food and setting up the feast for the evening, Monkey and I headed out for a walk on the dike by the river. I had binoculars and even the scope, but unfortunately I had forgotten the tripod, left it leaning by the door about forty miles downriver. Ah well.

We did not see the bald eagles this time, just a few blue jays and a sky river of  blackbirds gathering for the last big pow wow before heading south. Oh, and there was a green heron. Perfect sighting, the stripes along its throat, the quirky graceful walk, each lean leg lifting the foot up and out, then back and down. I even heard Micah gasp slightly at all the detail we could see before our binocs followed her on a regal flight back up river toward the island.

We were losing sunlight fast on the way back when we finally decided we should take some photos. We decided not to tell the guy with the bicycle on his back that there might be a better way for him to get home, and then we decided to color the sky, the river, the bridges and all, our own way. I know, sort of amateurish work with digital filters, but it amused us almost as much as Mom’s typo on the cookie cake.

It was a lovely birthday week. Brian baked me a cake, the boys got me a chocolate chip cookie. The gifts and cards were lovely, including a card from Dad that I know he wrote himself, because he spells even worse than I do.  Thanks to all my friends and loved ones who made it so beautiful.

Oh, and the UFO thing, we just made that up. But it was the coolest picture I’ve ever taken of a lamp post.

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17 Replies to “The Dike at Dusk, a Birthday Walk in Color and Shadow”

    1. haha, well, that’s why I just said, “gifts.” They came from too many sources to mention. But yours was lovely, as well as the gift of a day at the Captiol that we had Tuuesday. Thank you! xo


    1. Thank you! They are much smaller than the Great and little blues. They look closer to a bittern than anything. What we had was an immature, and we could tell that by the way it was sticking it’s tongue out at us. Then again, maybe it was the stripes upon its throat; yeah that must have been it. They are common in the summer here, so I guess this young’n just isn’t ready to leave home for warmer waters south yet. Here’s a link to a picture of the guy we saw:


    2. Unfortunately not my photo. Just did a google search. And I was confused too the first time I ever saw one. I think it was at Faylor Lake. I would have guest Least Bittern, but when I looked it up I discovered we had a small heron here in Penn’s Woods.


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