Pennsylvania Poets Gather to Read Poems at the State Capitol |

The Dome of Pennsylvania’s Capitol Building

I mentioned in a recent post our trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capitol. Three of us were interviewed for the upcoming October 11th reading at the Capitol Building, and segments of the interview have started to air on WITF.

Cary Burkett has also done a wonderful write up for the Arts & Culture section of their website. It was just put up live today, and has some excellent audio clips from the interview and some of our readings. He was even kind enough to post an unsolicited link to this blog. Wow. I am honestly a bit blown away by this. Please do me the honor of checking out the page, and the audio clips if you have a few minutes.

Pennsylvania Poets Gather to Read Poems at the State Capitol |

In related news Melanie emailed me last night to tell me that First Lady Susan Corbett is planning to attend the reading. It’ll be in the East Wing rotunda of the Capitol Building from noon to 1:30 on Thursday October 11th. State senators and representatives have also been invited, so who knows, maybe a few of them will show up.

It’s a nice thought in this time of political divisions, to think that maybe, just maybe this obscure and little practiced art of poetry might play some small role in reminding us what we have in common as a people, as Marjorie and Jerry would say, our Common Wealth.

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  1. Very well said, David! 🙂


  2. We have alot more interviews to come, along with CSPAN etc so hold onto your hat its gonna get busy… I hope you’re right– this can be a time of togetherness and reflection on what we have in common during these difficult times.


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Hey, that reminds me, we should talk to locals again. Mark Lawrence, in some ways got some of this ball rolling, especially in bringing Marjorie, you and I together, so we should look into a follow up interview in October, or follow up after. Yes?


  3. Why dont you write him and suggest it? 🙂 You know him well enough now. We will have more write ups in the Daily Item that much I know. I’ll get back to Erika Funke on WVIA.


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Yes, I may suggest that, also what I mentioned before about a funny, silly poem or limerick once a couple of days a week for Tom’s morning show. 🙂 Once I send him a clip or two from the river, especially the cat poem, I think he might like the idea. 🙂


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