Unhappy Wedding, PUP and Personality

Weird in the Woods

Warning, this may be one of those “Ends and Odds” posts of mine which are all over the map. Sort of just taking a fatherly, intellectual, spiritual, poetic dump. Um, yeah. I would bet that somewhere there is a blogging tutorial which instructs writers to never begin a post with a warning and apology, and especially a reference to taking a dump. So. Now that I’ve broken all the rules, let’s move this battered train along.

It’s been a busy week, between the every day stuff at work, getting prepared for Thursday which has now become a full day with a double reading and a special guest (details to come), writing new works for Poetry Under the Paintings, and editing and submitting my best to journals. Ah, yes, and somewhere in there was taking care of myself, starting my workout again, and making sure I had Brian time and Kid time. So far so good, but still so much to do in three days!

So I got back just a couple of hours ago from a lovely full day of visiting my three favorite sons. Who but my boys would get their kicks out of administering a seventy question Myers/Briggs personality profile and then analyzing and comparing our results (they all already took the tests earlier)? Of course then everyone had to get out laptops and see which famous real and fictional characters with whom they shared personality types. I had taken the Meyers/ Briggs so many years ago, but honestly couldn’t remember the results. It was like a return to a couple of years back when all four of us sat on my dining room floor, each with his laptop taking the Eniagram personality test (only the sampler, not the full ten dollar exam). I cannot find an online copy of the 70 question M/B test I took today, but it was out of a book that my youngest bought at a yard sale. I’ll save our types and the discussion about them for another post. I know, I’m such a tease, right?

Before that wonderful visit and dinner, I had (surprise!) actually gotten up and gone to church this morning. First for the service of poetry and music at the Priestly Chapel, and then at 10:30 to the Unitarian Universalist congregation her in Northumberland, and there were no lightning bolts to be seen, probably because this is a church where they really don’t care what I believe about god so much as whether or not I believe in things like peace, goodness, kindness and actually working to make the world a better place. I can get behind an organization like that, at least in part because it bares no resemblance to the ridiculous hell-fire and brimstone atmosphere in which I grew up. They are perfectly happy for me to be a humanist in their midst.  I’m not sure if I will be a member. Maybe. If you want to read more about my thoughts on that, you can go back a few posts to my Pale Blue Dot entry.

Now before I tell you (tomorrow) more of the details about this coming Thursday, to which I alluded at the beginning of this post, let me tell you about this past Thursday at Faustina’s Gallery in Lewisburg where we once again had Poetry Under the Paintings (PUP).  It will be moving to the second Thursday of the month starting in November, by the way, in order to avoid conflict with a lot of other first-week events in the area, including The River Poets of nearby Bloomsburg, one of which, Richard Brooks, read this morning at the chapel. I really enjoyed his work too. You cannot go wrong with a good poet, and birder.

As for PUP, well, I have some good video, but it might take until later this week to get more of it up. Here’s a teaser. The introduction to the evening, complete with my dear friend, Ann and my beautiful and talented partner, Brian.

17 Replies to “Unhappy Wedding, PUP and Personality”

  1. Sitting around, taking the M-B test is a good time for sure! Sounds like my kind of evening!

    I’ll wait til your ‘other post’ where you share your type, then I’ll tell you mine. 🙂

    Good luck with the readings!


    1. Ha! Thanks! I look forward to that, the type discussion. The readings this week kind of scare me. lol I mean, I’m excited. It’s a great opportunity, but it’s also a tad hard on the nerves. 🙂


  2. We’re into the MB inventory over here, too. Fun exploration and discussions! I eagerly await learning your type.

    Love the “Weird in the Woods” photo–looks a bit like still from one of those home-grown horror films. The fun you’re all having shines through, though!

    Unhappy Wedding” is hilarious. (Has Brian ever been tempted to play that at an actual wedding–you know, one of those that everybody knows is just a really bad idea?)

    I’m excited for your big reading on Tuesday. Wonderful!


    1. Yes, that pic was from maybe three years back, but I stumbled upon it and it just fits the spirit of a day with the three of us. Blurry though it may be, it’s so fun that I even allow that non-flattering image of myself there, especially since it is overshadowed by the beaming, beautiful faces of my progeny.

      Yes, we’ll discuss types more soon. I find it interesting, though some of my friends fear that I am trying to peg them when we talk about types and archetypes. But for me it’s just a way of helping to understand how and why I see things at such different angles from others sometimes, and to learn from how I often expect others to react in ways that just don’t fit their personal orientations.
      And, OH! Did I say Tuesday? Lord no! Thursday. Thursday will be soon enough. I still have some polishing to do.:)
      Thank you so much, Jennifer. I seriously value your support.


    2. Oh, and no, he hasn’t tried that song at an actual wedding! Oh wait, you said “tempted.” In my first reading, I thought you said, attempted.! Luckily he hasn’t played in a wedding yet where he was tempted. 😉


  3. I’m at work and pressed for time, but I heard that somewhere on the Internet, someone had posted a “fatherly, intellectual, spiritual, poetic dump” and I came to say that is just fine. . . .I’ll be back. . .


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