David Reads at the Pennsylvania State Capitol

Capitol Dome, Harrisburg, PA

This is the first clip from October 11th, 2012 when five Pennsylvania poets had the  good fortune and fun of reading at the State Capitol. The Chair of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Susan Corbett, wife of Governor Tom Corbett, was in attendance, though she had to rush off before my portion of the program. Since I am certain she follows this blog, I have to apologize now for not being able to post the whole 15 minute segment. I am sure she’ll understand.

There was a fair amount of background noise, and a good dose of static at the beginning (sorry), due I suppose to processing difficulties between the camera and the sound system. Plus the camera was hand-held, so I hope it doesn’t make you or the First Lady dizzy.

I won’t print the words to the two poems here for now, since they have been submitted elsewhere for possible publication, so I hope you can understand it all through the echo of the East Wing Rotunda. From the static and such I think I can rescue readings from two more poets, and they will be coming to these pages over the next few days.

All in all it was a fun experience, but I admit I more thoroughly enjoyed our readings at the Midtown Scholar bookstore later that evening. The podcast is available by clicking right here.  My bit doesn’t start until about the 30 minute mark, but I am preceded by both Jerry Wemple and Marjorie Maddox, two awesome poets whom I admire very much.

There were professional cameras present as well, and hopefully you’ll be able to catch the broadcast on PCN on October the 27th. I don’t know if it will be available somehow via podcast later or not. Click here is the info from the PCN schedule. In any case, here is the write up from the schedule online:

Commonwealth Poetry Reading with PA Award-Winning Poets3:45 pm
Calendar: PCN Public Affairs

[Start Time: 3:45 pm
End Time: 5:15 pm
(10.11.12) Poets: Jerry Wemple, Creative Writing Director of Bloomsburg University; Marjorie Maddox, Creative Writing Director of Lock Haven University; Melanie Simms, former Perry County Poet Laureate; Nate Gadsden, former Harrisburg Poet Laureate; and upcoming Commonwealth poet, David Bauman
Location: State Capitol in Harrisburg
Closed Captioning: Yes]

So it’s good to know that there will be closed captioning, in case there is as much problem with the echo as there was on my tiny Kodak. And it’s also good to know that I am indeed, an upcoming Commonwealth poet. 😉

Stay tuned for more clips from the Capitol, and the Midtown Scholar bookstore.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Excellent ‘spoken word’ David…well done !!


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Thank you, dear! I don’t usually think of it in those terms, but I admit, my readings can sometimes be a bit dramatic, and I was in good form that day. I was somewhere between highly charged and extremely calm. 🙂 Watching it is odd after having been there.


    2. sonofwalt says:

      And thank you for your comments over on the YouTube channel. It means a lot to me. I work at these until they are fun instead of work, so it cheers me so much that someone whom I admire as much as you enjoys them.


  2. slpmartin says:

    Enjoyed the ‘school bus poems’ Love the images of the past that you present…very enjoyable.


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Thank you so much! I appreciate that.


  3. dlbauman says:

    Hey Brother I am touched. Today is the first time I got on to youtube in a while. I didn’t know about your event. Great job.


    1. Hey, thanks, Dennis! I’m glad you liked it. Now you know why I was asking about the details of the fire at the last sibling dinner. 🙂


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